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"I just needed to thank Cory and Amanda from Dauphinee’s K Nine Services for making my experience with their Novice Training Program such a safe and extremely knowledgeable experience. There were all breeds and sizes of dogs in class with us and it was such a well run class that I felt like we had been doing this forever. I have a small breed 2 year old that thought she might run the show but Cory’s expertise had her following the rules in minutes. The program was designed to be firm but extremely kind to the dogs and success was always the goal for the dogs. I RECOMMEND THIS CLASS TO EVERYONE THAT OWNS A DOG! THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES ARE SECOND TO NONE! Thanks again! -Stephanie & River

"We had a great experience with Dauphinee's K-Nine Services. Our puppy was 5 months old and we were getting to the point that we could barely walk her because she was so out of control. I contacted Cory and he assured me that they could help. Fast forward to a couple months later and we can easily walk with her by our side. We also learned much more than that and can't thank Cory and Amanda enough for all their help."


"Nico and I just finished the 10 week novice course and I can't thank Amanda and Cory enough. They are truly great to work with, never made you feel stupid, and to tell the truth I needed more training than my dog did and we both learned so much. I couldn't control Nico when we first started and I had stopped walking him cause he pulled so much. Now he walks beside me and I am in control. Thanks guys."


"We are so grateful for DK9's help in working with Lucy, our dog-aggressive 3 year old pit bull rescue. I don't think we would have been able to keep her without Cory and Amanda. They were so patient and professional in our first one-on-ones, taking the time needed to train us, just as much as Lucy, and using their own dogs to understand and explain to us Lucy's reactivity. After a couple weeks of homework, we were invited to join a small DK9 group class with two other dogs with different but difficult behavior issues. Being able to socialize Lucy in a controlled environment with the same couple of dogs over the 10 week course has shown us that Lucy can eventually have doggie friends, although we don't think she will ever be 100% okay with off-leash stranger dog interactions. Background for those that are interested: we adopted Lucy from a rescue group having been told that she was great with other dogs. They said that she had been living in a Montreal shelter for a year before adoption, and that nothing was known about her before then. Lucy was so sweet and gentle with humans that we were shocked when she attacked our friend's greyhound without warning within a few seconds of meeting her. We had enrolled Lucy in group class at another trainer and that trainer immediately "fired" us as clients when we told them about Lucy's bite. We called a handful of other trainers who all refused to even meet with us before we heard about DK9. Amanda and Cory invited us out for a very fairly priced one-on-one that evening and had Lucy walking nicely on a leash within 30 minutes. Fast forward to week 3 of group class, and Lucy was so comfortable with the other dogs Gunner, Nico, and Bijou that she could focus on my commands the entire time. We were amazed. Minor critiques of the program are that the echo in the community hall can make it hard to hear instructions from Cory and Amanda sometimes, and if your dog is quick to learn tricks you may find the curriculum toward the end of the 10 week class to be a little slow. All in all, I would recommend DK9 to anyone with a problem dog. Be aware that a necessary tool for training your dog might be a prong collar. I was intimidated by the prong at first, and I worried that it would hurt Lucy... so as soon as we got ours I put it on myself and gave it a hard yank. Definitely not as bad as it looks but certainly gets your attention! Combining positive rewards with the ability to correct unwanted behavior opens up training options you wouldn't have believed possible. Don't give up on your fur baby - she can become the dog you want with Cory and Amanda!"


"Myself and my dog Oliver did the 10 week program last spring. It was a great experience for me and Oliver. Cory and Amanda are fantastic and they were always willing to spend extra time if I needed help. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks again."

-Tom Arnold and Oliver

"DK9 did a great job training Myself and Brett! He is a good dog because of DK9!"


"I came to Cory and Amanda for help with Jersey. She was a rescue and I adopted her. She is 4.5 years with a lot of issues. She is a pit/boxer/mastiff mix.. She was not good at all on a leash. She is very distracted however at the end of the novice course both myself and Jersey now enjoy walking together in a calm controlled manner. She now has her basic commands down pat. Thank you Cory for your expert advice and helping me with all my concerns. You have helped Jersey so much and the advise you gave me will improve Jersey's day to day life...and thank you Amanda..Jersey loved giving you kisses after each class. :-) You guys rock!"


"Thank you DK9 for helping me become closer to my dog Zoe. She went from pulling me to the ground out of excitement, to walking by my side. She even comes when I call her, even if another dog is present. Thank you for training ME to help my dog!"


"Cory and Amanda really know their stuff. My Rottweiler now walks off leash at my side and listens to all of my commands. My dog would not be the dog she is now without their classes. I found their methods worked perfectly and I now have a very obedient dog. Great people to work with, great results. Very eager to help fix any issue big or small."


"What impressed me most was the individualized approach that was taken for each of my dogs. The positive coaching that was given to me, as so I felt confident in how to train my dogs and knowing that I always had an open line of communication with DK-9 was fantastic. Also you made my family feel like I was part of yours. When the session was over for the day, it was never really over because any concern or question I had was ALWAYS answered and help was always given. The respect D K-9 showed for me and my dogs was above any I have received anywhere else. My concerns mattered and solutions were always just a phone call away. Especially, I would like to note the extra care that was given with Cartman. His anxiety for new people and pretty much everything that moved for that matter, had almost completely cleared up. For 5 years old he had completely changed and was so much happier thanks to the mentoring in how to help him deal with his anxieties of daily life. He became more free to be himself and honestly I believe he gained a lot of confidence. With out D K-9 I don't think I could have helped him achieve that on my own. An amazing team. You made a world of difference for my dogs and my family. The amount of caring that you put into what you do is unmeasurable. The fact that you take time to get to know the dogs and what they need, and how much you respect my opinions and listen to how I felt showed me how important this is to you. This isn't a job. This is your passion. I tell everyone about D K-9. Keep doing what you do. Your changing the world one dog at a time."


"Cooper was treated really well and has improved a lot since we had the training. Amanda and Cory are wonderful with the dogs. The dogs have a good respect with them even after the first meeting. My dog Cooper was very hard to deal with at first. With Cory and Amanda's help we can now calm him down and is a much better behaved dog and loved member of our family."


"Thank you for helping us through these early months. We enjoy Zoe so much more and feel confident taking her out to public places. No more jumping and way better on the leash!"


"I always found that we received good value for money spent and that the well-being of my dog was of great concern. I also felt that problems I may be having with training were treated without judgement; if it was an issue for us then it was an issue worth dealing with."


"Had such a great experience and couldn't be more happy with our end result. Chase listens much better and can walk 10x better today versus before we started training. Our walks are now relaxing and enjoyable. He absolutely loved Cory and Amanda... not only were they great trainers they were also very accommodating when it came to make up classes. Thanks guys for everything... we will see you again in the future!"

-Jessica & Chase

"We were four strangers with four different types of dogs all with different backgrounds and circumstances. Night one the dogs all wanted a piece of each other, barking, pulling, you name it. I thought, okay here we go, this should be interesting. I've been to obedience classes before but I can't say they were very successful. Well, Cory and Amanda, different story! They know what they are doing. They have fun with it, they care about the dogs and you can feel it at every class. Through the weeks, we saw those four dogs change before our eyes. At the end of the session they were like new dogs. Well behaved, manners, and obedient. I would not hesitate to recommend signing any dog up for classes with Dauphinee's K-Nine Services. I am really glad I found you."

-Melanie & Charlie

"After adopting my German Shepherd Noble at a year old. I had taken him to a few trainers with little success conquering his dog aggression. With Cory and Amanda's help Noble is making big progress in becoming the amazing dog I knew he was."

-Kim & Noble

"I just completed the novice obedience class with my German Shepherd Mitch. Mitch is an intelligent, high energy dog and I had trouble controlling him at times. The program got Mitch on track right away and allowed me to work with him in a positive and rewarding way. Everyone who knew Mitch before he started his classes was commenting after only 2 training sessions on what a difference they saw in his demeanor and behaviour. I look forward to continuing Mitch's training with Cory and Amanda and have started the Intermediate program!"

-Cheryl & Mitch

"Don't know where we would be without Cory & Amanda! Thanks to their Novice class we are able to walk effortlessly with our pup as well as having gained basic dog training techniques. Very excited to do the Intermediate course with Dauphinee's K-Nine Services!"

-Hannah & Kona

"Highly Recommended! Both Cory and Amanda are Qualified trainers with a passion for the animals they help. Trust that they will never lead you astray with the advice they give."

-Jack & The Pack

"Pete is a rescue dog who has a very high drive and is reactive to other dogs when he's on his lead. He was tied to a chain for many years, so his energy levels were extremely high and therefore he needed lots of work. I took him to Dauphinee's K-Nine Services to participate in their 10 week novice obedience program and Pete is now a different dog. Cory and Amanda have went above and beyond to help Pete work out his issues and accommodate his needs. It helped take so much anxiety from Pete, myself and our classmates (and thanks to my classmates for being patient with us too)! Dauphinee's K-Nine Services will treat you and your dog like individuals to ensure results! Thank you for all of your hard work."

-Angela & Pete

"Took Indy out for her walk down St. Margaret's Bay Rd. Busy street, lots of distractions. I put her in a sit stay and walked about 30ft away, stopped, turned and looked at her for about 30 sec. She didn't move an inch! Gave her the 'go' command and she came running like she hasn't seen me in weeks!!

I don't know where we'd be without Dauphinee's K-Nine Services!! Best $300 we've ever spent!"

-Mandy & Indy

"If anyone is looking for great trainers, you do not need to look any further. Amanda and Cory have great training behind them, as well as love for what they do and the dogs they train."

-Kate, Duece & Midnight

"I love these guys. We are first time puppy parents and have been over whelmed to say the least. These guys have put us at ease time and time again. More than we could have asked for and worth every cent. Thanks for all your help. Thanks to Bijou, Monti and Rellik too."

-Amanda & Lola

"I highly recommend Amanda and Cory after the training of my rottie."

-Jaime & Dozer

"Cory and Amanda are wonderful, they have helped us achieve what we thought was impossible and then some. They are dedicated and patient with us on teaching us how to make our dog better. Thanks guys."

-Steph & Hunter

"I highly recommend this fabulous team and their dogs are wonderful examples of how well the training methods work!"

-Kathy & The Pack

"Dauphinee's K-Nine Services was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why. Keep up the good work!”

-Tom & Max

"When I first came across Dauphinee's K-Nine Services website, I was at my wits end. I have had my dog Buddy for years and decided to get another dog to keep him company. It didn't go over very well. Buddy constantly attacked our new dog and to top it off, Buddy started to go to the bathroom in the house.

After training with Cory and Amanda, Buddy now loves Moxie, no more using the bathroom in the house, and our house is at peace. Could not have done it without them. Thanks."

-Robert, Buddy & Moxie

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